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University Management System

E-CAMPUS - University Management Software
E-CAMPUS has a suite of selective modules specifically tailored to the requirements of education industry. E-CAMPUS is engineered and designed considering range of management functions within university. With the use of E-CAMPUS, staff can be more accountable as it helps to know the performance of each department in just few seconds.

Almost all departments within education industry (e. g. admission, administration, time table, examination, HR, finance etc) can be synchronized and accessed.

E-CAMPUS helps to assign the responsibilities to employee staff and can reduce time wastage and can speed up the administrative functions. Core functions like admissions, library management, transport management, students attendance in short entire range of university functions can be well performed by E-CAMPUS.


A web server that can execute PHP
A password-protected ORACLE database server connection, and a database on which the user of the connection has full permissions rights (i.e. SELECT, DROP, CREATE and UPDATE)
PHP 7 or later
PHP must be run as the same system user that owns the directory where E-CAMPUS will be installed.
For the impatient, here is a basic outline of the installation process, which need to collect a little information before we can get your application up and running :

Move/Upload E-CAMPUS to the web directory of your choice.

Create a new single ORACLE database for E-CAMPUS to store all its tables.

Browse to the E-CAMPUS folder and you will be redirected to the E-CAMPUS requirement checker is display details of minimum requirements by E-CAMPUS. If your your server configuration not satisfies please solved problem before installing E-CAMPUS else click to install button.

Next, you should be taken to the install.php script, which will lead you through creating a config/db.php file with create ORACLE database and then setting up E-CAMPUS, creating an admin user account and institute setup etc.

You are now ready to use E-CAMPUS.