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School Management System

This software is prepared for a Education. Education - e-Education Management System is a compact package, designed to provide a sophisticated, state of the art web technology, aimed at bringing about total quality in Education management. The system focuses on excellent coordination between School and students, making e-education scenario "a reality". e-Education provides, online integrated information of Students to the School administrators, enabling transactions with trading partners through seamless connectivity with robust security and privacy features. The technology, solutions and features are aimed at providing unlimited "scalability". e-Education provides various type of School management related service, operations and high level of efficiency in recording and information dissemination thus reducing errors. e-Education can be installed on Internal server or web server for use through network of multiple computers.

Very Very important: ""e-Education is the only ERP on the globe developed so far with highest flexibility and dynamism to fit and inherit any flow of administration in any country.  The software is also capable of inheriting changes in the flow of administration if required even after the implementation from one semester to another or one class to another class without changing the previous years' setup."" This feature is unique and pertains to all modules.
The ability to plan and deliver a great learning experience to the students is extremely essential. The faculty and key staff should spend quality time strategizing rather than trying to get administrative tasks completed. e Education Management System handles the management and facilitates the administration.

The software maintains day to day activities of Education and makes daily report as per required by the various department.

Students’ module comprises of all the particulars and detailing of each student along with their personal information. Likewise faculty and staff module takes care of attendance, lectures, payments etc. Internal Messaging module is provided to maintain a hassle free communication. Every student, faculty staff is given an ID and password to access accounts. Every minute detail is available there.




There are sub modules like time table module, scheduler and event module to manage the yearly calendar of classes, lectures, seminars and various events.

All the modules work in tandem to implement a smooth functioning of the entire Education. The system is very user friendly and enhances the entire management.



The Application is delivered with integrated:


  • Multi-Lingual support
  • Accounts, Balance sheet, P & L, individual Student ledgers etc.
  • Inventory & Stock reports.
  • Cashier's Scroll.
  • HR & Payroll with individual Staff ledgers and automatic postings.
  • Automatic Bar code generation.
  • Campus & curriculum Management
  • SMS to students and staff.
  • Individual student level fee mgmt and future fee locking.
  • Transport, Hostel, Time Table, Period wise Attendance, Library
  • Smart card or RFID compatibility.
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Administration Management


  • Payroll Management System.
  • Stores & Inventory Management.
  • Automatic Financial Accounting.
  • Strong Security Administration.
  • Admin controlled rights for different logins.
  • School Setup
  • Class Management
  • Attendance Management

An admin can add or Remove user or operator. Admin will watch all operators’ activities. All operators only input information but they can not edit it. Admin can edit or delete any data from database.
Admin check daily attendance report and manage employees present or absent condition.
Student Teacher Administration:
  • Admission Applications with comprehensive information of Student Applicants. Short listing, Acceptance & Rejection of Applications.
  • I-card Generation- New and Duplicate
  • Student Attendance on Period to Period and Class to Class bases. Database designing is very very concise to take very big amount of students in a Education.
  • Flexible Fee Management has been designed to give different fee structures to every student with different payment months and modes.
  • Student activity records.
Support Services Management
  • Material Management.
  • Management Information system
  • Very easy Implementation and handling.
Features of Admission Management
  • Dynamic application form
  • Record maintaining of applications and successful registrations
  • Promoting/demoting to students from different courses with user defined criteria
  • Connection with Examination Module for next year admissions
  • Admission canceling facility
  • Admitting students to sections and batches with proper management of same page.
You can customize this form for your own Institute. For a Student this software give you an automated ID No. It will send to Gradient’s Mobile via SMS with full description after successful registration. They can pay Tustin Fees from Mobile Phone with this ID. Ex- Go to message option type id_no space fees space class/dept/subject and send to xxxx nuber.
        After successful message a SMS will send to Education Computer automatically without any work and payment slip ready for print.


Payment Module:


The payment module assists the staff to record all the students’ payments with the help of this module. This module maintain all payment transactions including discounts, waive offs etc.

It has special features like due date reminders to students via emails. This module is integrated with the library module for payment of fines or other miscellaneous charges.

The payment module is capable of calculating the payment amounts as per the working days, deductions, bonus etc. Payment reports are also made by this module.
  Features of Payment Module are:
<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·<>·Dynamic No. of period generation.
  • Create your own time table with excellent checks on assignment of classes and teachers.
  • Update Time Table.
For Marks distribution you must need this page. You can add or delete subject with code and full marks and group.
Library Administration
  • Entry of new books with Bar Coding facility.
  • Issuance of books with Bar Coding.
  • Comprehensive search of books through various permutation combinations.
  • Late return fine.
  • Library rules and regulations.
  • Library card Generation.
Examination Management 
  • New Exam. Creation with Dates and timings.
  • Allotment of rooms & invigilators.
  • Result entry for all the students appearing for the exams and printing of their Report Cards.
  • Tabulation Sheet
Student Care Management & Examination
  • Excellent Examination Date Sheet building tools & Result Management.
  • Unique Time Table Management.
  • Hostel Management.
  • Transport Management with Bus Stops and timings for the
  •  Bus to pickup and Drop.
Daily fees collection report for calculation and print
CBSE Report card:
  • Academic performance-Scholastic areas.
  • Co-scholastic areas:
    • Life skills
    • Attitudes and Values
    • Literary & Creative skills, Scientific skills, Performing Arts & Clubs
    • Health & Physical Education
    • Grading system
SMS Gateway:
1. Students & Guardians can search their information using Short code SMS
Ex: go to your Message option and write MGHS<space>sinfo<space>201500758 and send to 7171
2. Apply for leave using SMS gateway
3. Search Result using SMS
SMS & Email with assignment attachment
  • General SMS & Email to students & staff.
  • SMS to absentees.
  • Auto designed SMS to students with fee overdue.
  • SMS to students & staff with library book over dues.
  • Email to students with attachment of assignments.
Transport Management
  • Excellent management of timings of bus stops and bus routes according to the Institutional timings.
  • Allotment of bus to the students and managing their Pick and Drop timings and automatic accounting
  • Allotment of bus to the staff and managing their Pick and Drop timings.
  1. Free website with 1GB space and 5 GB bandwidth, Customized digital photo gallery, blog, voice chat and text chat include.
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  3. Three way Database backup.
  4. Online Free backup.
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  6. We will support you from anywhere.
  7. Not proxy Oracle server.
  8. Oracle is not a software system it is a database.
  9. We do not use unauthorized oracle DB.
  10. Without via support or broker support.
  11. Flexible Menu.
  12. Solve program as you demand.
  13. Auto result management.
  14. Dedicated Hostel Management Solution.
  15. Auto Photo entry with flash.
  16. Auto ID card.
  17. Auto admit card.
  18. Auto Mark sheet.
  19. Student login panel.
  20. Finger Print system.
  21. Employee & Student Entry, Leave and Exit Record.
  22. Student absence SMS System.
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